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Here at DFS Performance we are always striving to create or acquire products that provide people with an Edge. This Edge is what often makes the difference between going to the podium and going home. And one proven way to get an Edge is with adaptogens. But here's the point. Not all adaptogens are created equal.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are natural substances found only in a few rare plants and herbs. The plants and herbs provide special nutrients that help the body achieve optimal mental and physical performance. Adaptogens have three distinguishing qualities:

1) They are completely non-toxic to the human body and have no harmful or negative

effects, no matter how much you take or how long you take them.

2) They catalyze responses in the body to increase the body's mental and physical performance as well as provide resistance to stressful insults at the cellular level.

3) Their effect is to balance and normalize the body's systems leading to overall homeostasis and health which provides the edge you need.

How did adaptogens come about?

If you want to understand adaptogens then you need to know about Dr. Israel Brekhman. Dr. Brekhman worked at the Far East Science Center of the USSR in Vladivostok as Head of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology of Adaptation. Starting in 1956 he conducted research to identify what adaptogens and what combinations of adaptogens improved human performance the most. Dr. Brekhman and his associates studied no less than 233 plants, their biological actions, how well they worked together, and the best ways to harness their power. He also devised four elaborate computer programs to both classify the plants and herbs as to biological actions and to discover their beneficial effects.

When it was all over Dr. Brekhman had identified a nucleus of ten groups of formulations that had significant performance properties. He holds 21 international patents relating to this work. And he has published 22 monographs, several hundred scientific articles, and many books. The Soviet Union presented Dr. Brekhman with its highest award, The Order of Lenin, in recognition of his scientific work and achievements. Dr. Brekhman's work and formulations were important and of immense help to the Russian space program and world-class Russian athletes. And here's the good news. You can get the very same patented performance combination of herbs that Dr. Brekhman pioneered through the DFS Performance Adaptogen formula.

Why is DR. Brekhman’s patented formula so important?

Producing an herbal performance product is tricky. First of all you have to use the right herbs. Secondly, the herbs have to be the right strain. Third, they have to be grown in specific conditions. Fourth, they have to be harvested at the correct time. Fifth, they have to be extracted according to very specific procedures. And sixth, the combination of the herbs must be perfectly balanced. If any of these factors is not perfect you will end up with a substandard product. And that's why being able to take Dr. Brekhman's original patented formula is so critical. It's the only way that you can be sure you are getting the edge you want. Here are some of the highlights of performance studies that have used Lera®.

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