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The harder your workouts are the more you will gain. PrePare is formulated to help you work harder before fatiguing. Each ingredient supports your ability to sustain a maximal effort. Trimethly glycine, methylcobalamin, and folic acid support the methylation cycle which is critical for maximum ATP production. Creatine supports aerobic energy production. Acetyl l-carnitiine and niacinamide support fat metabolism. Fat metabolism is critical for the endurance needed for longer workouts. Beet root crystals support the production of nitric oxide. Leucine, isoluecine, valine, and beta alanine help to preserve and maintain muscle while increasing lean body mass.* PrePare has been specially formulated to take your training or competition to the next level. Don’t leave performance to chance.

If you’re serious about performance and results, then you need the DFS Performance line!

  • NO Hype
  • NO Exceptions
  • NO Banned Substances (WADA)
  • NO Proprietary Blends
  • NO Underdosed Ingredients


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