I have never felt this good

Very positive experience with the product today. I took it 15 minutes before my run. It was 101 degrees when I left the house. I ran 10 miles and felt great the whole time. I have done the same course in similar temps and I have never felt this good. I can only think it was the HyDrate that made the difference.

— Brian Solomon, Marathon Runner

This stuff rocks!

This stuff rocks! I've seen the results that DFS products produce and they are the only products I recommend my fight team use.

—Matt Tonkin, BJJ Black Belt/Head Coach Tonkin Fight Team

HYDRATE gets me back to feeling normal faster

As a former professional athlete prior to entering combat sports, I have seen plenty of supplements over the years. After my tough weight cuts, HYDRATE gets me back to feeling normal faster than anything else I have ever used. I am able to regain my water back more quickly and start feeling fight-ready much quicker than anything else I have ever used.

—Byron "Cowboy" Cragg, BJJ Brown Belt/Undefeated MMA Fighter

They aren't hiding anything

I was given HYDRATE to try by one of my training partners and was blown away. I often train for 2 to 3 hours with little to no breaks and I never got thirsty or felt that dehydrated feeling. HYDRATE's ingredients are clearly marked and there are no proprietary blends; in other words, they aren't hiding anything."/p>

—Shannone Callos, ATOS BJJ Black Belt/3-time NAGA No Gi Expert Champion

I trust the DFS brand…

I've been using DFS products for my training camps since they started. The PREPARE and HYDRATE supplements have no match in the supplement industry and I wouldn't use any other pre or during workout supplement. I trust the DFS brand and what they put in the containers.

—Jerel Hallert, Gracie Elite Team Black Belt/World Class Competitor